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SHEIN is made up of unique individuals who believe that fashion brings dignity to world, and hold true to the mission of making the beauty of fashion accessible to all.

From the United States to Singapore, SHEIN serves over 150 countries in over 20 languages, dedicating ourselves to delivering the best customer experiences, built by our family of SHEINers.

Giving back to the communities we operate in isn’t just a corporate initiative. Our SHEINers are hands-on and get directly involved in causes that are close to our hearts. 


Customer First

We uncover the real needs of customers, exceed their expectations and enhance the overall experience by providing excellent products and services.

Accountability, Be Proactive

We take ownership of our individual actions, always taking the initiative and assuming responsibility. We are always challenging ourselves, setting no limits.

Respect for Truth, Strive for Results

We seek the truth through critical thinking and data-driven analysis to get to the heart of the matter.

Curiosity and Innovation

We advocate for innovation, encouraging everyone to cultivate a passion for learning and forward-thinking mindset.

Unite Global Team, Value Diversity

We respect cultural diversity and individual differences, understanding these unique perspectives are what strengthen the pursuit of our shared goals.